What is “ webgallerynigeria.com” ?

Why Should I buy a “Space” on your website?

How much does it cost?

Who can place an ad on this site?

What can I advertise or link?

I / We do not have a website?

How do I get my logo/image onto the webgallerynigeria.com ?

Q. We are an overseas company, how do we subscribe webgallerynigeria.com ?

Q. Very good idea, where did it stem from?


Q. What is “ webgallerynigeria.com” ?

A. It is a platform through which Nigerian businesses can show case their products and services.
The aim is to promote the “Nigerian Market Place” to the world. Adverts, once placed, will remain on the gallery for a 24 month duration of subscription This is the first, proper 'Nigerian Pixel Ad’ site, ensuring your organization its place in Nigeria’s internet history.

Q. What is the "value proposition"?

A. Advertising on the gallery will offer your business the potential to attract attention from web surfers’ worldwide.
We will also provide a link directly to your website from "a click on your advert" on the gallery.
This will inevitably increase traffic to your website, creating awareness for your products and services offering.
Your Ad will remain permanently on the gallery for the 24 month period for which you subscribe.

Q. How much does it cost?

A Each square on the grid consist of 100 pixels and each pixel costs N100.00 (One Hundred Naira) Minimum purchase is One Square @ NGN 10,000.00 (Ten thousand naira) , but you are welcome to buy as many squares as are left available on the gallery.

N.B - A pixel is the basic unit from which graphic images are made.

Q. Who can place an ad on this site?

A. The site is open to any Nigerian business, particularly small-medium sized businesses, which do not have high marketing / advertising budgets required to reach their entire customer base. Foreign businesses with business relationships in Nigeria or whose business can impact on Nigeria are welcome to claim their space on webgallerynigeria.com

Q. What can I advertise or link?

A.You can place your company logo or emblem in your selected squares. One click and surfers are redirected to your company website.

We will vet all links for appropriateness before activating them on webgallerynigeria.com !

Q. I / We do not have a website?

 A. Contact wireless newmedia – our sister company on +23418509177 or via webgallery@wnewmedia.com and they will advice you on how to resolve this, very minor issue in 24hour. SLA

Q. We are an overseas company, how do we subscribe to webgallerynigeria.com ?

 A. Kindly contact wireless newmedia limited at webgallery@wnewmedia.com


Q. How do I get my logo/image onto the webgallerynigeria.com ?
A.It is very easy to do.

Click on 'buy now'
  1. Select ‘New User’ to create an account in seconds
  2. where on the gallery you want your image to be placed by clicking
    the grid.
             3. Choose your payment method

                     >Pay online via interswitch or
                    > Pay wish cash into

Account Name:

Webgallery Nigeria

Account Number:


             4. For Bank/ Cash payments, send us a proof of payment with the following information        


Teller No.

Total Value Paid in


Company Name:



Telephone Number:


E-mail Address:







  5. Upload your Logo/ Image        

Q. Very good idea, where did it stem from?

 A. It is purely a “me too” idea, modified to meet the requirements of the Nigerian space. It is consequent to the success of Alex Tew`s milliondollarhomepage

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