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Webgallery Nigeria Limited, promoters of webgallerynigeria.com , exist within the corporate media and marketing domain. We have recently developed an inexpensive platform through which individual or organisations can showcase their products and/or services to the world.

Our value proposition - Webgallerynigeria.com

By subscribing to our online advertising service, Individuals / organisations position themselves to ‘get noticed’ by millions of potential clients / customers, surfing the ‘World Wide Web’, on a daily basis.
A subscriber will place an advert on Webgallerynigeria.com usually, using their logo or an image synonymous with their business. We will then offer direct access to the subscribers website, in one click of the mouse, on that logo or image.
We guarantee subscribers’ their presence on the homepage for a 24 month period.


Webgallerynigeria.com is a webpage consisting of One Million pixels (a pixel is a single dot/unit in any graphic image), partitioned into Ten Thousand, 10 X 10 pixel, squares.
A combination of squares, when purchased could be merged to conveniently house an image or logo. As mentioned above, when this image or logo is clicked upon, it will automatically redirect to the individual or organisations website.

To subscribe to this service, visit our user friendly homepage @ www.webgallerynigeria.com

  • Select your preferred position and number of boxes required on the grid – each box costs N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira Only).
  • Pay online via Interswitch, Bank Credit into our account or a Bankers Draft.
  • Send us a proof of payment – ASAP (for Bank Credits)
  • And your ‘logo’ is live on Webgallerynigeria.com within 24 working hours.

Our People

The webgallery management team consist of top level professionals from within the ICT industry. Our operational team are groomed in the art professionalism.


We look forward to you, being a part of Internet history in Nigeria…….Subscribe!

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